What is Struggle LA?

Struggle LA exists to provide a space in which to conduct ourselves that is free from competition, isolation and loneliness. This is not the place to go to be a jerk in 140 characters or less. This is the place to go to share your stories with and get help from those around you (from friends living in your same neighborhood or city).

I logged in with Facebook, do you post anything to my timeline?

No. We only offer to login with Facebook and do not interact with your account to post or update anything.

How long can my story be?

Stories or posts can be up to 700 characters and can contain mentions by preceding the username with an '@' character and can also contain hashtags by preceding any word with a '#' hash symbol.

Are comments public and can I reply to a comment?

For now all comments are public and work very similar to a story. You can mention people and enter hashtags. Others will be notified that you commented on the story. You can reply to a comment but the comment list is flat, it is not threaded, meaning your reply simply goes in the list of all replies to the story..

How does following work? When should I follow someone?

When you follow someone their activity will show up in your personal timeline feed. You'll see what they post and easily reply to them. You should follow someone when you're interested in what they're saying or you want to help them out.

Will it show the people that follow me?

Following someone is private for now. Only the person being followed is notified when someone follows them, and the person following receives their updates. Follow counts and other people following are not made public for everyone else; there is no follower publicity contest; there are no points for more followers.

Why can't I add someone as a friend?

Everyone here are friends. Think of these people as your neighbors and your extended family. If you're more interested in someone you can follow them and get their updates automatically added to your personal timeline.

What happens when I "heart" or favorite a story?

When you heart a story, you will generally be notified when there is an update to that story. There isn't currently a list of your favorite / hearted stories.

Does it show how many favorites my story received?

Favoriting a story is a private act; favorite counts are not publicized so that there is no popularity contest. Nobody will know if a particular story got 1 heart or 1,000 hearts.

What is a hashtag and how does it work?

Hashtags largely work the way they do on Twitter. They designate a topic and all of the stories and comments that include that hashtag will be included in the topic's feed. You can view the topic's feed by clicking on the hashtag link in a story or in the right hand navigation menu under the label "Topics".

What is a mention and does it work?

Mentions work mostly the same as they don Twitter. You can mention someone using the "@" (at) symbol next to their username and they will receive a notification that they were mentioned in a story.

When am I notified of something?

You'll be notified of activity on a feed if you were mentioned in the activity or if you "hearted" the story or commented on a story.

What is my timeline and how does it work?

Your timeline is inclusive of all of the stories that you share as well as all of the stories shared by people that you follow. It is a private news feed customized just for you. You can access your timeline under your user menu in the top right hand corner of the screen by clicking on your username.

Do you have other questions not mentioned here?

Simply email [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you!